ALL-PRO’s Consultants, Design Engineers and Project Managers

Will build your data center by listening to your business objectives and requirements to ensure your information technology needs are met. Our experienced team will recommend all required aspect for a Data Center, such as; IT, HVAC, Electrical UPSs as well as space and access requirements. These recommendations are then made for the most effective technology you can utilize to build your information technology infrastructure.

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Data Center Efficiency, Power and Cooling Management

Are one primary issue facing Facilities and IT managers. The energy management dilemma is complex and the cost of energy is increasing in addition to the demand. Facilities and IT managers are eager to implement one or more tools to manage their cooling efficiency and capacity. We engineer the infrastructure and determine the requirements of your facility. We will develop a plan indicating various required elements. Our team of experts are capable of building your data center per the design approved by your team. The plan will optimize critical IT equipment and create flexibility for your data center management team.